A master index of all the Non-Conformist Marriage records indexed so far, these records are being added to on a regular basis. Use the search boxes below to find records. Please note that the handwriting, sometimes in Latin, has been a significant challenge! Wherever possible we have used other sources, both primary and secondary to confirm the names.

Because we are transcribing so many records, well over 1 million, we cannot transcribe all of the information held in each individual register but we are happy, at no cost or effort, to look up and pass on a copy of the entry to you which will include information that is not displayed in the table. Please just click here to contact us and we promise to get back to you. In many cases the records will be births rather than baptisms and in some cases you will see both a birth and baptism record for the same person. Click the column header to sort by that column.

 RC    Roman Catholic      BAP   Baptist     ZBAP  Zion Baptist     CONG   Congregational Church (Births)
 LDS   Later Day Saints (Mormon)     PRDI   Protestant Dissenters     PRES   Presbyterian     SoF  Society of Friends (Quaker) (Births) 
 UNIT   Unitarian Church    URC  United Reform Church             
 MET  Methodist    IMET  Independent Methodist     PMET  Primitive Methodist     WMET  Wesleyan Methodist

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NC Marriages Master Index
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# Church   Denom   Year   Groom Surname   Forename(s)   Bride Surname   Forenames 
1War, Lei, Rut, QuakersSoF1811ABBOTTSamuelHARRISSHannah
2Mid Warwickshire, QuakersSoF1811ABBOTTSamuelHARRISSHannah
3War, Wor, Sts. QuakersSoF1683ABRAMESTimmothyHUNIATTMary
4War, Wor, Sts. QuakersSoF1683ABRAMESTimmothyHUNIATTMary
5Warwickshire QuakersSoF1683ABRAMESTimothyHUNNIATTJohn
6Coventry, SS Mary & BenedictRC1900ADAMSWilliam Henry BUTCHERMary
7Coventry, Holy Sac.& St. OsburgRC1881ADAMSThomasKIMBERLEYSarah Ann
8Coventry, Holy Sac.& St. OsburgRC1867ADAMSMichael JamesTONEYSusanna
9Birmingham, Edward StreetUNIT1879ADDICOTTFredericSHIPLEYSelina
10War, Wor, Sts, QuakersSoF1746ADKINSRichardAULTAnn
11North Warwickshire QuakersSoF1746ADKINSRichardAULTAnn
12South Warwickshire, QuakersSoF1720ADKINSEdwardHIORNEElizabeth
13North Warwickshire, QuakersSoF1789ADKINSJohnLYTHALLAnn
14War, Lei, Rut, QuakersSoF1789ADKINSJohnLYTHALLAnn
15North Warwickshire QuakersSoF1760ADKINSRichardWARNEHannah
16South Warwickshire, QuakersSoF1760ADKINSRichardWORALHannah
17North Warwickshire QuakersSoF1820AGGSHenryGIBBINSMary
18War, Lei, Rut, QuakersSoF1820AGGSHenryGIBBINSMary
19War, Wor, Sts. QuakersSoF1683ALEXANDERGeorgeBAYLISAnn
20War, Wor, Sts. QuakersSoF1683ALEXANDERGeorgeBAYLISAnn
21Lower BrailesRC1848ALEXANDERJosephBREWERMaria
22Lower BrailesRC1844ALEXANDERJamesBRYANHannah
23Lower BrailesRC1854ALEXANDERStephenBRYANSarah
24Lower BrailesRC1844ALEXANDERJohnPRATTAnn
25Warwickshire QuakersSoF1683ALEXSANDERGeorgeBAYLISAnn
26South Warwickshire QuakersSoF1702ALLCOCKJohnCOCKBILLAlice
27South Warwickshire QuakersSoF1702ALLCOCKJohnCOCKBILLAlice
29Birmingham, Edward StreetUNIT1852ALLDAYEdwardMADDOCKSSarah Ann
30Birmingham, Edward StreetUNIT1854ALLENJosephASSINDERSarah
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