A master index of all the Parish Register Burial records indexed so far, there are tens of thousands more to come so this database will be updated on a regular basis. Use the search boxes below to find records. You can start with a wide search on a surname and then filter those by adding a forename, then further add a year or a parish or, if you know what you are looking for, narrow the search by using more of the search boxes from the start.

Please note that the handwriting throughout the 19th Century has, in some parishes, been a significant challenge! Wherever possible we have used other sources, both primary and secondary, to confirm the names but please use the Index with due caution. If you identify an entry which you believe relevant to your research but do not have access to the original document please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with the details. Click the column header to sort by that column.

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# Parish   Year   Surname   Forename(s)   Record ID# 
1Atherstone upon Stour1773LONDONJane1
2Atherstone upon Stour1774MALINSJohn2
3Atherstone upon Stour1775DORRELElizabeth3
4Atherstone upon Stour1776EDENEdward4
5Atherstone upon Stour1776MERCERElizabeth5
6Atherstone upon Stour1777SMITHThomas6
7Atherstone upon Stour1778HADLANDMary7
8Atherstone upon Stour1778HADLANDJohn8
9Atherstone upon Stour1778HADLANDJoseph9
10Atherstone upon Stour1778JONESAnn10
11Atherstone upon Stour1779SMITHRichard11
12Atherstone upon Stour1779LANECatharine12
13Atherstone upon Stour1780TWISTAnn13
14Atherstone upon Stour1780GIBBSMary14
15Atherstone upon Stour1780JONESGeorge15
16Atherstone upon Stour1781HATHAWAYMary16
17Atherstone upon Stour1782TYSOEThomas17
18Atherstone upon Stour1783KENWRICKUrsula18
19Atherstone upon Stour1783PITTAWAYWilliam19
20Atherstone upon Stour1783DORRELRichard20
21Atherstone upon Stour1783WALTERSMichael21
22Atherstone upon Stour1784KINGSusanna22
23Atherstone upon Stour1784STANLEYHannah23
24Atherstone upon Stour1784SKINNERThomas24
25Atherstone upon Stour1785NASHThomas25
26Atherstone upon Stour1785BASELYWilliam26
27Atherstone upon Stour1786STAITWilliam27
28Atherstone upon Stour1786STAITHannah28
29Atherstone upon Stour1786HARRISElizabeth29
30Atherstone upon Stour1786WILKINSMary30
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